$99 Full Set of Classic
Eyelash Extensions
(Uppers only)

$124 Full Set of Classic
Uppers & Lowers Lashes

Eyelash Extensions make your eyes bigger, brighter and more beautiful.  We personalize your application to give you the exact look you want... natural, pretty or dramatic! 

Longer, thicker, fuller lashes
Perfectly curled
Natural, Pretty or Dramatic looks
No mascara needed
Resistant to water, sweat and tears
Shower, swim and exercise worry free
Relaxing and comfortable treatment
Maintain with fills every 3 weeks

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    Envy Lash Studio is proud to announce that we are one of the first lash studios in North America to offer...  VOLUME LASHES!
Volume Lashing is a new lashing technique that creates eyelash extensions that are luxuriously full while remaining natural in appearance. Using feather-light lashes, this process allows multiple lashes to be applied to a single natural lash.  The lash extensions are so light in weight, the health of your natural lashes is not only protected, but promoted.  The result is eyelash extensions that are fuller, fluffier and more voluminous!

Volume Full Set Special $175

This is a set of Volume Lashes with
approximately 600 lashes per eye!

Why choose Envy Lash Studio?

  • The pictures of our work! These are not 'stock' photos - these are actual before and after pictures of our clients.
  • We carry the largest variety of lashes (curls, thicknesses and lengths) so that we can customize your look to exactly what you want.  We do not believe in 1 size fits all.   
  • We are leaders in the industry.  Along with extensive training, we are continuously researching to stay on the cutting edge of lashes.  This includes being one of the first Lash Studios in North America to offer the new VOLUME lashes.
  • Envy Lash Studio uses only the highest quality products and safest procedures in the industry.
  • We don't charge by the lash.  When you get a Full Set from us, you get the exact look you want regardless of the length or fullness.
  • Our lashes are waterproof at the end of your appointment!  You do not need to wait 24+ hours to get them wet as recommended by other lash stylists.
  • We make sure every client walks out of our studio feeling beautiful and in love with their new lashes!